New focus, familiar concept

Previously our 3D-graph generator was targeted at the financial markets. After a couple of year we decided broaden to energy as well. Why?

Although we know finance, we are also familiar with energy and very fond of the subject. Now, with the world-wide energy-transition going on, it's very important that we share the data as intuitive as possible and 3D-graphs will help. The 3D-graphs which can easily be created with the help of our generator and facilitate "visual mining". It means that complex patterns are easily detected when data is presented in such a 3D-graph. The free 3D-graph package (holding the 3D-graph generator, the manual and some examples of input- and output-files = 3D-graphs), can be downloaded here. It's completely free and no registration required!

Have a look at the example above (gif created from the real 3D-graph in HTML5).The gif is clickable: on double clicking the real html5 3D-graph will appear in a new tab in your web-browser.

To manipulate this 3D-image, here are some instructions: clicking the right mouse-button and moving the mouse up or down at the same time, will zoom the graph in and out. For maniputalion of this 3D-graph: Clicking left while moving the mouse will tilt or turn the graph in different directions. Double clicking in the graph translates it and readjusts the centre at the same time. Just try it - If you don't know how to get the normal position back, just refresh the page in your browser.

Of course our original website AnRep3D (Annual Reports visualised in 3D), focused at finance is still available. There a white paper, a series of 3D-graphs and the free AnRep3D 3D-graph generator package can be downloaded (also free, without regstration).